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February 14th – 29th, 2020

Kitchener City Hall

Due to the unpredictable weather this winter we will not be running CrokiCurling.

Free Activity



Crokicurling combines two iconic Canadian pastimes - crokinole and curling.

Curling has developed into one of Canada’s most enduring sports, played by young and old, novice and professional. Just as small towns throughout rural Canada are not complete without a curling rink, many cottages and homes across the country are not complete without a crokinole board. This board game is thought to have developed in rural Ontario in the late 1860s. It remains a nolstagic and beloved activity, played by people of all ages.

Crokicurling merges the two to become an exciting new sport to be played during the first annual DTK FebFest.


February 14-29, 2020

Kitchener City Hall
Open to the public for play
(except during tournament play on February 22nd).

WIN Downtown Dollars

CrokiCurling Tournament

February 22, 2020

Kitchener City Hall

Tournament | 10AM - 2PM


Tournament play requires Registration.


Designed for teams of 2 players; families with kids are welcome to register with more than 2 players and will share turns.